Choosing the best e cig battery is not that straightforward. In some cases, you will want the best long lasting vape battery to give your vape pen that extra oomph it needs. In others, you will want a high voltage e cig battery and a mod kit to provide you with the ultimate experience.

What will limit you is your vape pen. A high capacity e cig battery can sound great, but if it doesn’t fit on your vape pen, it won’t do much good. Know your brand, and what your requirements are, and you can improve your battery power in no time.

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How to Charge a Vape Mod Battery Without a Charger

Depending on your batteries, you could probably charge your e cig battery mods with a phone charger, though the voltage will not be the same. It could also potentially hurt your battery, so it is best to get a replacement charger as soon as possible instead.

How to Replace an E Cig Battery

To replace an E Cig battery, you will need to remove either the rechargeable battery or the batteries from the mod kit. You will then simply replace these batteries with the new or recharged counterparts.

When to Replace an E Cig Battery

If your batteries don’t seem to last as long as they used to, or the power of the vape is decreasing, you should look to replacing your batteries. Do note: lower power can indicate you need to replace the coils as well.