Mods are the common word for the battery pack that powers the vape. In small, mods are merely rechargeable or even disposable batteries that power the e cig. they are so simple to use, these easy and cheap vape mods are perfect for beginners.

When you just start out you don’t want to worry about the temperature of the coil or even what wattage you are using. You simply want to try something new out and to enjoy a few unique flavours. It’s confusing enough to buy vape for the first time without thinking about which vape mods for sale are right for you.

In short, the vape mod kits that are right for you will depend on what you are looking for. Vape box mods UK offer a lot of different customisation, whereas small vape mods or rechargeable batteries for your e cig will often come with your vape kit, at which point you will only need to buy replacements if needed.

Box Mod vs. Regular Mod

A box mod will fit to a buildable vape kit. They are often much larger, and contain not just a battery but also a chip that allows you to control the electricity used. You can get a vape box mod kit that even controls airflow, if you were to choose Aspire’s Nautilus as your vape of choice. A Mini vape mod, however, is far better suited for vape pens or e cigs. The only thing to remember, however, is that the slenderer or specially designed the vape pen is, the more likely you will need to replace its components from the original brand.

What to Look for When Choosing a Mod

When you are looking for UK vape deals, one of the things you must remember is to ensure that your vape mod will fit your vape. Not all cheap vape mods UK will be suitable for your vape pen, so do your research and read product descriptions beforehand. It can always be risky to buy vape online because you cannot see for yourself how a new piece or mod would fit with your current kit. To avoid disappointment always read descriptions carefully. Getting a new mod kit is different than, say, getting a replacement from the same brand. Read carefully to ensure your new mod is perfect for you.