Twelve Monkeys E Juice UK is one of the best rated e-liquids out there. It was created with the full intention of becoming a premium e-liquid brand that would provide the best in flavour and experience. Twelve Monkey E Liquid is Canadian-made, and created to the highest level of standards. Read More

Twelve Monkeys vape juice is made with the best ingredients, and each batch is made with extreme attention to detail. Every flavour offered has been steeping in 2 weeks before it even leaves the shelves of the production floor, and thus offers you a great, rich, and full-bodied e-liquid that is full of flavour.

Winner of several awards, including the Best New Brand Award of 2015, and the Best International Brand of 2017 in the Ecigclick Vape Awards by vaping fans just like you. This brand has a variety of flavours perfect for the adventurous sort, and is sure to have that next favourite that you will keep returning to again and again.


What Flavour Profiles Are There?

With Twelve Monkeys rating, there is no way you can go wrong when choosing the right flavour for you. You can enjoy tropical flavours with Mangabeys, which is sure to transport you straight to the beaches of the Caribbean with its blend of Pineapple, Guava, and Mango.

Or you can go for something sweeter with the Bonogurt, which is sure to remind you of a creamy tart with a side of yoghurt. Prefer candy? Then try the Kanzi, with its strawberry, watermelon, and kiwi sweetness that will be sure to hit whatever sweet tooth you have. Or perhaps strawberries and cream is your go-to flavour. You can then enjoy the sensational layers of Congo Cream.

Twelve Monkeys e liquid UK has some of the best flavour profiles out there, so all that is left is for you to choose and be adventurous. Whatever your senses crave, you can satiate them with Twelve Monkeys.


What Vape Kits Are Recommended with Twelve Monkeys E Juice UK?

Twelve Monkey e juice kits are created for the refillable vape in mind. It is therefore recommended best for sub-ohm tanks and rebuildables. In most cases, this means if your tank can be refilled then your vape kit is perfectly suited for Twelve Monkeys e juice 100ml UK.

Do note, however, that Twelve Monkeys brand also offers Nic Salts, which are not to be used with sub-ohm devices and tanks, and is instead better suited for pod tanks or mouth-to-lung tanks. Always read the recommended use beforehand to ensure that the specific Twelve Monkeys e juice UK is suited to your vape kit.

Remember to Clean Your Tank

In order to preserve the unique flavour profiles of each e-liquid, remember to always clean your tank before switching flavours. To clean it, disassemble your tank and clean with warm water. You will then want to dry these components with a paper towel or microfibre cloth and leave to air dry for 10 to 15 minutes, to ensure the components are dry. This will help keep each flavour pristine.

Then, once weekly you should deep clean your tank with an alcohol like unflavoured vodka. This will help prolong your tank’s life and allow you to have a great experience time and again.

Don’t let the carefully created flavour profiles go to waste. Twelve Monkeys is widely regarded for a reason, and to really get the full experience you need to take care of your vape and try to minimize any cross-contamination in flavours. Doing this will allow you to really enjoy the uniqueness of this brand and help you find your favourite e-liquid.