Get E liquid series is an exquisite ranges of vape juices by Ultimate Juice.

It comes in 8 unique ranges:

GET Brewed

GET that authentic coffee shop feeling with none of the queues, place your order and GET your favourite beverage or maybe a slice of coffee cake that lasts all day!

GET Candy

GET Candy, 6 sweet and fruity favourites with a familiar candy base and a generous helping of fruity flavours that will really GET the juices flowing.

GET Dessert

GET Desserts, a collection of freshly baked treats with perfectly balanced recipes, if you can’t decide, just GET them all.

GET Frozen

GET Frozen, chill out and enjoy 6 cold fruity flavours for those who like it frosty! GET the perfect balance of fruit with a refreshing blast of ice you’ll want to vape all day.

GET Fruits

GET Fruits, 6 mixed fruit flavours perfectly balanced to to give you a juicy hit of flavour all day, fruit lovers won’t want to GET anything else after trying this range.

GET Lollied

GET Lollied, there’s something for everyone in this ice cream van selection, GET your favourite before you hear the music play again.

GET Sherbet

GET a fizzy blast of fruity goodness that will take you back to your childhood sweet shop, pick and mix your favourite fruit sherbets and GET all of the flavour with none of the dentist bills!

GET Slushed

GET Slushed, a full range of sweet fruity ice slushes, you won’t know if you need to use a drip tip or GET a straw.