For all you swashbucklin’ sea lovers out there, here be the e-liquid for you. Old Pirate E Juice UK has come onto ye shores and is ready for all those daring enough to try its full-bodied taste. Available in 60ml, and this e-liquid series can come with a nicotine or VG shot, depending on your personal preferences. Read More

This original series of flavours were created by Ultimate Juice, and, as an in-house flavour, are made with all the care that vaping enthusiasts have to offer. Enjoy our Old Pirate Original series for some epic high-seas adventures, or opt for the more tropical range for when your days on pillaging are over.

Choosing the Right Flavour for You

Old Pirate is the perfect vaping series to turn to when your wish is to transport your senses across the channel and escape to the warm breeze of the Caribbean. From Fool’s Gold pineapple, to Old Pirate Original Polly’s Plunder for some great orange and passion fruit sensations, Old Pirate has it all.

There are four main flavour series to choose from, each one with its own unique taste and experience to keep even the most experienced vape enthusiast on their toes. Enjoy a crisp lemonade with the Old Pirate Lemonade 60ml Shortfill, or enjoy any of the 8 original Old Pirate Original 60ml Shortfill options. Each series has its own set of incredible flavours to choose from, so if you want something familiar or something new, there is bound to be the perfect Old Pirate vape for you.

Want something sweeter? Old Pirate Sherbet series is right up your alley, or perhaps you want something with more zing? In which case the Old Pirate Slushy series is perfect for you.

From blueberries and lemons to blackcurrant lemonade and lemon and lime fizz, there are scrumptious flavours left, right, and centre. Enjoy any of our Old Pirate flavours and you can enjoy sipping on a tropical getaway right from the comfort of home, or perhaps you can enjoy a high stakes adventure on your way to work with the Old Pirate Lemon & Lime slushy flavour.

All you need to do is stock up and refill your vape for a new adventure every day. Enjoy something fun, something fruity, and something that will help you enjoy your vape to new heights every single day.

How to Clean your Tank

Old Pirate E Juice packs a lot of punch, so you will want to clean out your tank before and after every refill. Doing this has two benefits. It allows the flavour profile of each refill to remain uncontaminated from what you enjoyed before. It also prolongs the life of your tank, so long as you are dedicated to the maintenance of your kit.

How Do You Clean Your Tank?

If you don’t already know how to clean your tank, you will want to start first with dismantling your vape kit. You want to remove the tank, and all of its components safely, and should rely on the instructions provided to you when you initially purchased your vape.

If you no longer have these instructions, look online. There are many resources available for you to rely on. From text and picture-based tutorials to even videos. Find the model that matches yours and follow those instructions.

You will then want to get a bowl of warm water. Gently wash the tank components in this water until there is no residue of the previous vape liquid left. Once you are done, let it air dry, refill it with your next Old Pirate e liquid, and you’re ready to go! You will have the full scope of the high-punch flavour that Old Pirate is known for.