Tranquil vacations include soft sand and the smell of the ocean. They come with the cool scent that carries on the breeze, and, of course, a great host of flavours. From Sex on the Beach to a Strawberry Daiquiri, if you want to recreate that picturesque holiday even in wet UK winters, there is no better e-liquid out there than Surf’s Up E Juice Read More

Surf’s Up E Juice UK is the perfect holiday getaway wherever, and whenever you are. You can enjoy the tranquillity of the blue lagoon first hand while you taste a cocktail of raspberry and pear, or you can have a fun and fruity blend of peach and mandarin in the Mandarin Medley.

Whatever your summer favourites, Surf’s Up Vape has you covered. Go for something wild and fun with the Passion Wagon, which offers a great hit of passion fruit, or really party it up with Tropical Twist, which seamlessly combines mango and lychee for a sweet and irresistible experience.

Want something more traditional? Then you have strawberry daiquiri or Sex on the Beach to make you think of Hawaiian nights all day long. There is no better flavour selection that will help carry you through the workweek until you can finally find yourself back on that tropical beach.

What Vape Kits Work with Surf’s Up?

Surf’s Up is a refillable e-liquid perfectly suited for all refillable vape kits. So long as your vaporiser doesn’t require special refillable cartridges to work, you can easily add Surf’s Up to your collection of summer e-liquid flavours.

How to Use

Surf’s Up E Liquid can be the perfect choice when refilling your vaporizer. Though each model is different, the process is fairly similar. To do so, all you need to do is remove your tank. Follow the instructions provided to you when you purchased your vape to avoid damage. You will then want to clean out your tank, let it fully dry, and then refill your tank to recommended levels with your next pick of Surf’s Up e-liquid flavours.

Remember to Clean Your Tank Between Flavours

To avoid cross-contaminating your awesome collection of flavours, you will want to clean the tank out before you refill it. To clean it fill a bowl up with some warm water. You will then want to detach said tank, remove the rest of the e-liquid that might already be inside it, disassemble your tank, and then wash all the components it in the water until clean. You should then wait for your vape to air dry between uses, so aim to clean your vape out before you go to bed so that you can enjoy your new Surf’s Up E Juice fully the next day.

Tip: Give your vape a deep clean with high-proof alcohol once a week to maintain the integrity of your vape tank, allowing you to get more value for your money over time. It will also help protect the flavour of each e-liquid you choose and should, therefore, be seen as a mandatory step for all vape kits.

Who is This Good For?

This collection of e-liquids is perfect for anyone who loves a sunny holiday and cannot wait to get out into the Mediterranean Sea. For those who have a photo of a faraway beach as their desktop, and who want to escape to their favourite place in the world whenever they close their eyes and try out a new Surf’s Up flavour. Perfect for yourself or as a gift, this e-liquid will transport your senses to a tropical destination in no time.