About Ultimate Juice

Ultimate Juice Ltd, established in 2016, has become one of the UK’s fastest-growing manufacturers of the highest quality e-liquid. Our aspiration has always been to match the quality of imported juices but at an affordable price and we believe we have succeeded. The fantastic feedback we regularly receive from our existing customer base and our huge growth in sales are testimony to the fact that many vapers and now choosing the ‘ultimate’ experience.

We manufacture in a dedicated facility in Coventry specifically designed for the manufacture and distribution of e-liquid. The Nicotine, PG and VG we use in our manufacturing process are pharmaceutical grade and our products are fully TPD compliant so you can purchase with confidence. We work closely with our full time flavorists who have helped us develop the 44 flavours currently available and we continue to develop exciting new flavours to expand the Ultimate Juice range.

We strive to be an active member of the vaping community, and take a responsible approach to adopting and sharing information with our retailers and customers. At Ultimate Juice, we are very much vapers manufacturing for vapers, and therefore we value the input and ideas of our knowledgeable staff who all enjoy our products. Their feedback, along with regular customers has been vital in reviewing and selecting the wide range of vaping products we also offer, from beginner starter kits to Mods, with which to enjoy our e-liquid.

Ultimate Juice Ltd Mission Statement

  • Manufacturing the highest quality e-liquid to deliver an ultimate experience to our customers at a competitive price.
  • Dedication to being a responsible manufacturer that adheres rigidly to current regulations
  • Making a positive contribution to the vaping community by offering exciting choice, good advice and information both online and through stockists.