Vaping has taken over the world, and has completely revolutionised the smoking population’s lives. Now you can enjoy incredible flavours with a cleaner hit than ever before. It is even possible to enjoy e liquid that doesn’t contain any nicotine at all, as advances in caffeine-based e liquid is being made. From potentially being useful in medicine, to simply being a great hobby, vaping is here to stay.

The only thing holding people back from plunging into the vaping community head-first is often how intimidating it can be. What is a mod? What about a tank or a coil? How do you customise something that you don’t even know about?

That’s where these top rated vape starter kits come into play. Choose the perfect affordable e cigarette starter kit and you or a loved one can start enjoying the huge collection of great e liquid flavours on offer.

Vape Starter Kit - All you need

Aspire PockeX E Cig


Vape Starter Kit - All you need

Aspire Zelos Kit


Vape Starter Kit - All you need

Innokin Endura T18e Kit


Vape Starter Kit - All you need

Innokin Endura T20


Vape Starter Kit - All you need

SMOK Stick V8 Baby Kit


Which E Cig Starter Kit Should I Get?

As vaping can be quite confusing to someone who is new to it, the best e cig start kit to choose from will be one that has as few components as possible. In short, you want your vape pen starter kit to be able to recharge, easily switch between flavours, and that is it. A more advanced vape mod starter kit will include a box mod, which controls things such as temperature, wattage, and in some cases even air flow. It offers massive amounts of customisation.

How Much is an E Cig Starter Kit?

Start kits range from £17 to £50, depending on how customisable you want them to be. Vape pens and e cigs are often far more affordable than the kits that offer vape box mods. Then, of course, you also have different designs and feels. Someone who wants a more discreet vaping experience will want to choose a vape starter kit that is thin, rechargeable, and often not very customisable. For those who want discretion, flavour is the name of the game. For those who want a more unique experience, however, you will want to choose the best vape mod starter kit on the market, so that you can take full advantage of all the options out there.