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Steam Crave Ragnar Premium Combo Vape Kit Review

Steam Crave Ragner Premium Combo Vape Kit Review

Steam Crave Ragnar Premium Combo Vape Kit 220W Review


The Steam Crave Ragnar Premium Combo Vape Kit 220W is a high-performance, versatile vaping device designed for advanced vapers. It includes the powerful Hadron 220 Mod and the Ragnar RDTA, both of which boast impressive specifications and innovative features. This comprehensive review covers its design, performance, battery life, usability, and compares it to similar devices on the market.

Steam Crave Ragner Premium Combo Vape Kit

Steam Crave Ragner Premium Combo Vape Kit 2 Colours

Features of the Steam Crave Ragnar Premium Combo Vape Kit

Hadron 220 Mod
Feature Specification
Size 48 x 99.2 x 38mm
Output 220W (Max)
Working Modes VW (Variable Wattage) / TC (Temperature Control)
Chipset YiHi SX480 chipset
Thread Connection 510
Battery Compatibility Dual 21700 and 18650 batteries (not included)
Atomizer Compatibility Suitable for atomisers with diameter from 25mm to 35mm
Ragnar RDTA
Feature Specification
Material Stainless Steel (body) and Glass (tank tube)
Diameter 35mm
Height 58mm
Tank Capacity XXL
Drip Tip 22mm 810 wide bore
Deck Postless deck with bottom honeycomb air holes
Airflow System Smooth airflow for medium and high power vaping
Deck Compatibility Compatible with mesh deck of Aromamizer Plus and other decks like Postless Deck, Series Deck, Velocity Deck, and Single Coil Deck (not included)
Steam Crave Ragner Premium Combo Vape Kit Basic Parameters

Steam Crave Ragner Premium Combo Vape Kit Basic Parameters

What’s in the Box

Item Quantity
Hadron 220 MOD kit 1
Micro USB Cable 1
Silicone Sleeve 1
Aromamizer Ragnar RDTA 1
XL Size Glass 1
Spare Part Bag (O-Rings, Grub Screws, Slotted Screws) 1
Allen Key 1
PLUS Mesh Deck Kit 1
PLUS Velocity Deck 1
XXL Size Conversion Chimney 1
XXL Size Glass 2
Vape Band 1
Steam Crave Sticker 1
User Manual 1


The design of the Steam Crave Ragnar is both functional and visually appealing. The Hadron 220 Mod is compact, measuring 48 x 99.2 x 38mm, making it easy to handle. The stainless steel construction of the Ragnar RDTA ensures durability, while the 35mm diameter provides ample space for larger builds. The adjustable airflow system allows for precise control, enhancing the overall vaping experience.


Performance-wise, the Steam Crave Ragnar Premium Combo Vape Kit excels with its dual 21700 battery setup, providing up to 220W of power. This high wattage output ensures that the device can handle complex builds and deliver robust vapour production. The YiHi SX480 chipset ensures reliable performance and quick ramp-up times. The Ragnar RDTA’s mesh deck is highly praised for its flavour output and dense vapour production. Additionally, the device offers a range of modes including Variable Wattage, Temperature Control, and TCR, allowing for extensive customisation.

Battery Life

The dual 21700 batteries offer substantial battery life, making the Ragnar an excellent choice for heavy vapers. On a full charge, the device can last through a full day of intensive vaping without requiring a recharge. This extended battery life is a significant advantage over similar devices that use smaller batteries and require more frequent charging.


Despite its advanced features, the Steam Crave Ragnar is user-friendly. The intuitive interface and clear OLED screen make navigating through the settings straightforward. The device is also easy to assemble and disassemble, which is beneficial for maintenance and coil replacement. The top-fill design of the RDTA simplifies the refilling process, minimising leaks and spills.

Innovative Features

One of the standout features of the Ragnar Kit is its modular deck system. This allows users to switch between different deck types, such as the mesh deck and postless deck, providing versatility in coil building. The adjustable airflow system further enhances the customisation options, catering to both flavour chasers and cloud chasers alike.

Comparison with Similar Devices

Compared to other high-wattage devices like the GeekVape Aegis X or the Vaporesso Gen S, the Steam Crave Ragnar Premium Combo Vape Kit stands out due to its massive e-liquid capacity and modular deck system. While the Aegis X and Gen S offer competitive performance and build quality, they lack the same level of customisation and capacity that the Ragnar provides.

Pros and Cons


  • High power output of 220W
  • Dual 21700 batteries for extended battery life
  • 16ml e-liquid capacity
  • Modular deck system for coil customisation
  • Adjustable airflow for precise control
  • Durable stainless steel construction


  • Large size may not be suitable for all users
  • Advanced features may be overwhelming for beginners
  • Higher price point compared to standard kits

User Experience of the Steam Crave Ragnar Premium Combo Vape Kit

The user experience with the Steam Crave Ragnar is overwhelmingly positive, particularly among experienced vapers who appreciate the device’s advanced features and customisation options. Users praise the flavour and vapour production, as well as the device’s robust construction and extended battery life. However, beginners might find the device’s complexity and size to be a bit daunting.

Best Suited For

The Steam Crave Ragnar Premium Combo Vape Kit 220W is best suited for advanced vapers who enjoy customising their vaping experience however there is a Novice Mode. Its high power output and modular deck system make it ideal for users who like to experiment with different builds and settings. It’s also a great option for heavy vapers who need a device with a large e-liquid capacity and long battery life.

Steam Crave Ragner Premium Combo Vape Kit Novice Mode

Steam Crave Ragner Premium Combo Vape Kit Novice Mode

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can the Steam Crave Ragnar use 18650 batteries? A: Yes, with the appropriate battery adapters, the Ragnar can use 18650 batteries, though 21700 batteries are recommended for optimal performance.

Q: Is the Ragnar RDTA leak-proof? A: While no RDTA is completely leak-proof, the Ragnar’s design minimises the risk of leaks when properly assembled and maintained.

Q: How often should I clean the Ragnar RDTA? A: Regular cleaning is recommended, ideally after every few refills or when changing e-liquid flavours, to maintain optimal performance and flavour quality.

Q: Can beginners use the Steam Crave Ragnar? A: While beginners can use the Ragnar, it is better suited for advanced vapers due to its complexity and customisation options.

Final Thoughts on the Steam Crave Ragnar Premium Combo Vape Kit

The Steam Crave Ragnar Premium Combo Vape Kit 220W is a top-tier vaping device that delivers exceptional performance, customisation, and durability. Its advanced features make it a standout choice for experienced vapers looking for a high-capacity, high-wattage device. Despite its complexity, the Ragnar’s user-friendly design ensures a pleasant vaping experience for those willing to explore its full potential. If you’re an advanced vaper in search of a powerful and versatile kit, the Steam Crave Ragnar is a compelling option. Thank you for reading our review if you are a Vape Shop and would like us to supply you please visit Ultimate Wholesale  

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